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Calendar Listings

Natural Awakenings offers two different calendars – our print magazine calendar and our online calendar. Both are wonderful resources to help fill your next workshop or event.


PRINT MAGAZINE CALENDAR - 10th of the month deadline

The magazine features three types of calendar listings:

  • EVENTS CALENDAR For one-time event listings. $10 per listing.
  • ONGOING CALENDAR For regular classes, meetings, etc., that occur on an ongoing basis. $8 per listing.
  • PLAN-AHEAD For events taking place in future months. $30 per listing.


FREE MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS: If you are a current magazine advertiser or distribution site, or you may be entitled to Free Magazine Calendar Listings. See our Calendar Submission Guidelines below.

Non-profit organizations are given free calendar listings for most events that are not major fund raisers. Please submit your non-profit events for approval.

ONLINE CALENDAR - can be submitted any time (no deadline)

For a limited time, we are offering Free Online Calendar Listings. We reserve the right to approve listings. The content must be in keeping with the philosophy of the magazine.

          Click here to submit CALENDAR LISTINGS. You will be asked to register or login.

Calendar Guidelines


  • All calendar listings must be submitted online.
  • There are three Calendar sections in the magazine, Events, Ongoing and Plan-Ahead. The Calendar sections are for one-time or ongoing events only.
  • Listings that are not repeating events may not be listed in the Ongoing events section.
  • If you run a listing in the Ongoing calendar, it cannot be repeated in the Events calendar or vice-versa.
  • By Appointment listings and classified ads must appear in the Classified section. To run a classified ad, email
  • Submission deadline for online calendar: There is no deadline for the online calendar.
  • Submission deadline for print calendar: The cutoff date for any month’s issue is the 10th of the preceding month.  After the 10th, we retrieve all print-approved submissions from the website for layout in the print calendar. If your submission has not been entered in the website by the 10th, it will not appear in print. 
  • All listings must be resubmitted each month.
  • Price per listing: Online listings: Free.  Events Calendar (print): $10. Ongoing Calendar (print): $8. Plan-Ahead Calendar (print): $30. You will receive email confirmation of your calendar submissions and a request for payment if applicable within 3-4 days. If you do not receive this confirmation, you must contact to verify receipt.
  • Free Print Calendar Listings for Magazine Advertisers: If you have a display ad in the magazine (1/6 page or greater), you are allowed up to five free listings in the current Events or Ongoing calendar sections. If you have an ad smaller than 1/6 page or a listing in the Community Resource Guide in the magazine, you are allowed two free calendar listings.  Additional listings may be purchased at the standard rate.
  • Word Limit:  Events calendar–300 characters or less. Ongoing calendar–150 characters or less. We reserve the right to edit as needed.
  • Writing Style: Please write objectively in the third person, without using words like I, we, me, my, mine, our, us, you, your, etc.

             Click here to submit CALENDAR LISTINGS. You will be asked to register or login.

Questions? Please email us at
Click here to submit CALENDAR LISTINGS. You will be asked to register or login.